Pugwan Hopes is a blog showcasing the hopes, aspirations and progress of Barangay Pugwan, Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur in the next four years through creative writings. Behind this blog are eight Level-I medical students from Ateneo de Zamboanga University who dream of bringing to fulfillment the School of Medicine’s mission of helping provide solutions to the health problems of Region IX.


Paul Albert Agunod. Manila boy adapting to probinsya life. Writer of the beautiful poems you’ll read in this blog. Official chef of the team. “Bro” ng bayan.



Kimberly Astaca-an.
Pugwan’s lucky charm. She is the house speaker of the team as she is most fluent in Bisaya. You’ll learn most of the probinsya hacks from her.



Jerieca China Codilla. She’s our Miss Pugwan as she wins in congeniality. Motherly to the team. Very active and vigorous. She runs the household as like a real mother would. The Master Planner.



Lester Khalil Ebrahim.
The team’s agent. Could be secret agent, security agent, call center agent. Also best in kitchen assistance. Establishing rapport at its finest since 2016.



Mohammad Adeev Isa. Kamote King. No really, he cooks the rebusao kamote the team always loves to snack. 100 in being a team player. Don’t be surprised once you hear him scream in fright or excitement.



Faridah Rasnah Sali. Team leader and chief regulator. The community life is not new to her since she has already experienced such in being part of the Nurse Deployment Program. 100 in being an all-around in almost everything.



Eunice Kay Sanson. The writer behind this blog. Loves to do the creative, technical dirty work. Also loves doing the dishes. “Most improved,” according to Kim, in the laundry.



Maureen Tadan. 
Pearl of Pugwan. Dayang as she is, she is always on fleek. Spot-mapper of the group. Undaunted by hanging bridges. Best in rice cooking.